Being a member of Herb Alpert's and Lani Hall's band, I was exposed to a lot of beautiful paintings.  Every time I would show up for rehearsal at Herb's music studio, I would catch Herb painting in his art studio that was next door...... Herb was always creating new art and one day he asked me "Huss do you paint ?" and I said "not  since high school!"  

Herb encouraged me to start painting.  One day while I was shopping with Marita at Jo-Ann Fabrics, a local art store, I spotted the art section and decided to get myself some acrylic paint and some canvas.  It laid on my studio floor for a few months and then one day I decided to pull out the box of paint, brushes and canvas and started painting with no real plan.......Below are a few of my paintings.  Thank you Herb for encouraging me to tap into another side of my creativity!

Please visit and check out some of Herb's amazing art and sculptures